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Reliable Materials Expert

Upcera has always adhered to the corporate positioning of "Reliable Materials Expert", and is committed to providing reliable and affordable all-ceramic aesthetic restoration products and solutions to dental professionals worldwide. With material technology as the core, we provide systematic and complete dental restoration solutions, thereby improving the efficiency and quality of dental restoration at the clinical and technical levels. By promoting the exchange and cooperation between dental clinical and technical professionals, we will continue to contribute to the reform and development of the dental restoration industry.


National industry, international brand


Innovative, confident, progressing


Reliable Materials Expert

Good Materials and Good Life

The company's business covers more than 110 countries and regions all over the world and also provides innovative products and customized services to more than 3,000 customer partners. In addition, we provide more than 50 million all-ceramic restorations to global users every year.


Our products are sold to more than 110+ countries around the world


China compound annual growth rate and Global compound annual growth rate




Continuous R&D investment of 7% of annual sales

Quality Assurance

Upcera is committed to providing high-quality services to users and patients through a comprehensive quality management plan. This commitment extends to suppliers and service providers.

Our products are qualified with CE, FDA, ISO13485, CFDA, MDL, and MFDS certificates. In 2018, Upcera successfully started capital cooperation with Sinocera and realized a full dental supply chain from raw materials resulting in the unification of production and sales.